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Seta Multiflash Tag Flash Point Module

Part Number 34400-0

The automatic Tag module conforms precisely to national and international Tag closed cup flash point test methods. It comprises a water bath, sample cup, lid and shutter, temperature probe and a DIPS pod containing the dipping mechanism with co-axial gas/electric ignitor.

The Tag module must be used with the Multiflash Automatic Flash Point - Universal Base Unit (34000-0). The base unit recognises that the Tag module is connected and instantaneously sets up standard test parameters and calibration data. The Cooling Boost Accessory (34008-0) is required to test all types of sample.

Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
'Setaalert' remote monitoring compatible'Setaalert' remote monitoring compatible


The flash point test area consists of a liquid filled bath with an internal cooling coil, a removable sample cup and lid, and an overflow vessel. The bath is heated by the hotplate within the Universal Base Unit (34000-0). The cooling coil is connected to the Cooling Boost Accessory (34008-0) by flexible pipes allowing circulation of water or cooling fluid via a cryostat for sub-ambient tests. The top of the bath has a port for a temperature probe. The lid of the sample cup is equipped with a sliding shutter, and ports for the flash detector and sample temperature probe.

The DIPS pod contains the shutter actuator and ignitor dipping mechanism with a coaxial gas jet / electric hot wire ignitor.

The sample and bath temperature probes are class A PRTs, and flash detection is by a thermocouple.

Safety features include an initial dip to check that the sample is below its flash point at the start of the test and PRT checks to ensure that the correct probes are connected and are immersed in bath liquid or sample. When in search mode, the software limits the maximum temperature to 50 C above "expected flash". An over-temperature cut-out is mounted on the base flange of the bath.

Supplied with;
DIPS pod test area cup
Flash detector
Bath and sample PRT
Interconnection cables
Instruction manuals


Temperature Range Ambient to 93 C (5 C to 93 C with optional cryostat)
Bath Liquid
Heating Hot Plate
Post Test Cooling Fan assisted or Circulating liquid / external cryostat. Requires Cooling Boost Accessory (34008-0)
Post Test Cool-down Time (90C to 50C) 40 minutes (Fan) 3 minutes (external cryostat)
Ignitor Quick-fit coaxial gas jet / electric hot wire, user selectable (Electric hot wire pilot light for gas jet)
Temperature Probes Class A platinum resistance thermometers
Flash Detection Thermocouple
Gas Supply (gas jet ignitor) Laboratory gas, 3 kPa (0.44 psi) maximum pressure
Cooling Supply Water (5 C and above) Water / Ethylene Glycol 50/50 (below 5 C) 125kPa (18psi) maximum pressure
Voltage 110/120 V or 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz, (switchable)
Power 1 kW
Size (HxWxD) 340 x 470 x 340 mm
Weight 12 kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90268020


ASTM D56Standard test method for flash point by Tag closed cup tester
ASTM D3934Flash/No Flash Test-Equilibrium Method by the Closed-Cup Apparatus
ASTM D3941Flash Point by the Equilibrium method with Closed Cup apparatus
ISO 1516Flash Test Using The Cup of Any Standard Closed Cup Apparatus
ISO 1523Flash Test Using The Cup of Any Standard Closed Cup Apparatus
ASTM E502Standard Test Method for Selection and Use of ASTM Standards for the Determination of Flash Point of Chemicals by Closed Cup Methods
IP 491Determination of flash/no flash - Closed cup equilibrium method
IP 492Determination of flash point - Closed cup equilibrium method
Multiflash Tag flashpoint tester for ASTM IP


Fully self-contained flash point test module
Ambient to 93 C (200 F)
Conforms to the Tag test method requirements
Automatic set up of test parameters
Automatic heating control and flash detection
Automatic test results and end of test audible warning
Centigrade or Fahrenheit temperature display
Automatic barometric correction


ASTM D3934, ASTM D3941, ASTM D56, ASTM E502, IP 491, IP 492, ISO 1516, ISO 1523


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils


Chemicals & Solvents

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Edible oils & Fats


Transportation, Storage & Packaging

Paint, Varnish & Waxes


Printing Inks

Waste & Environmental



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