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Brochures and Technical Information

Download sheet are available for a number of Stanhope-Seta's products.


Filename Description File size
SA6000-0_AFIDA.pdf AFIDA Generic Cetane Number Analyser 484 KB
15840-0_ARV.pdf Air Release Value Apparatus 1,136 KB
99620-3_Dielectric_Oil_Tester.pdf Automatic Dielectric Oil Tester 108 KB
Auto-Oxi-Control-System.pdf Auto-Oxi Control System 340 KB
Autowash_foaming_characteristics.pdf Autowash Foaming Characteristics 643KB
Avcount2_particle_counter.pdf Avcount 2 Particle Counter for aviation fuel 95 kb
AvCount_Lite_Skydrol.pdf AvCount Lite for Skydrol 182 KB
AvCount_Lite_Particle_Counter.pdf AvCount Lite Particle Counter 185 KB
AvCount_Lube.pdf AvCount Lube Particle Counter 182 KB
Avcount_particle_counter_jet_fuel_testing.pdf AvCount Particle Counter for aviation Jet fuel 490kb
Avcount_product_profile.pdf AvCount Particle Counting 672 KB
AvCount2_SA1000-2.pdf AvCount2 Particle Counter 312 KB
Aviation_Fuel_Contamination_Test_Kit.pdf Aviation fuel contaminatin test kit 237 kb
86500-2_SSAFPAK_Aviation_Fuel_Contamination_Test_Kit.pdf Aviation Fuel Contamination Test Kit 404 KB
Seta_Block_Heater.pdf Block Heater 200 KB
Cloud_pour_point_Cryostat.pdf Cloud pour point Cryostat 193 KB
Cold-Soak-filter-blocking-tendency.pdf Cold Soak & Filter Blocking Tendency Testing 650 KB
Jet_Fuel_Conductivity_analysers.pdf Conductivity - Analysers for Jet Fuel 400 KB
SA3000-3_Estercheck.pdf Estercheck 262 KB
FIJI_FAME_in_Jet_fuel_IP_583.pdf FIJI FAME in Jet Analyser for IP 583 90 kb
Flash_Point_Testing_explained_cosmetics.pdf Flash Point Testing in Cosmetics 281 KB
Flashpoint-definitive_test_method.pdf Flashpoint testing - the definitive test method 55 kb
H2S-Analyser_Vapour_Phase_Processor.pdf H2S Analyser + VPP for Marine Fuels 381 kb
H2S-analysis-Crude-oil.pdf H2S Analysis of Crude Oil 628 KB
H2S_training_brochure.pdf H2S Training Course 268 KB
conductivity-meter-oils.pdf Handheld Conductivity Meter for Oils 323 KB
96700-2_Herschel_Emulsifier.pdf Herschel Emulsifier 803 KB
Inline_Conductivity_99500-0.pdf Inline Conductivity 281 KB
IP-570-PT-scheme.pdf IP 570 Proficiency Test Scheme 250 KB
JF-1A_Inline-Conductivity-Sensor-ASTM-D2624.pdf JF-1A Inline Conductivity Sensor for Jet Fuel-ASTM D2624 334 KB
JF-1A-HH-conductivity-Meter-D2624.pdf JF-1A-HH Conductivity Meter for Jet Fuel 195 kb
KV2-Viscosity-Bath.pdf KV2 Viscosity Bath 660 KB
KV6_Bath_84200-2.pdf KV6 Bath 179 KB
KV6_viscometer_bath.pdf KV6 Viscometer Bath 300 kb
99853-2_MTVM-Lube-Oil.pdf Lube Oil MTVM 231 KB
17000-3_Penetrometer.pdf Manual Penetrometer 82 KB
Micro-Carbon-Residue-Tester.pdf Micro Carbon Residue Tester 550 KB
Multi-filtration_tester.pdf Multi-Filtration Tester for Distillate Fuel 152 kb
MultiFlash_flashpoint_tester.pdf MultiFlash - modular flash point testing 228 kb
Multi-Test_CRM_diesel_oil.pdf Multi-Test Certified Reference Material 89 Kb
16670-0_Oxi_Solid_Block.pdf Oxi Solid Block Bath 4 Way 243 KB
PM-93-Pensky-Martens-Flash-Point-tester.pdf PM-93 Pensky Martens Flash Point tester 590 KB
Fuel_Integrity_Test_Kit.pdf Portable Fuel Integrity Test Kit 213
Seta-Product-Profile.pdf Product Profile 2 MB
Seta-Crude-Testing.pdf Product Profile - Crude Testing 1 MB
Seta-Diesel-Biodiesel-Testing.pdf Product Profile - Diesel & BioDiesel Testing 365 KB
Seta-Gasoline-Testing.pdf Product Profile - Gasoline Testing 1.7 MB
Grease-Testing-Product-Profile.pdf Product Profile - Grease Testing 1 MB
Aviation-Jet-Fuel-Testing-Instruments.pdf Product Profile - Jet Fuel Testing 2 MB
Seta-Lubrication-Testing-Brochure.pdf Product Profile - Lubricant Testing 1.3 MB
99700-6_Salt_In_Crude.pdf Salt In Crude 871 KB
Salt-in-crude-analyser.pdf Salt in crude Analyser 316 KB
Salt-in-Crude-Release.pdf Salt-in-Crude Background Release 105 KB
17190-3_Penetrometer.pdf Semi-Automatic Penetrometer 85 KB
Series_3.pdf Series 3 flash point testers 773 KB
14024-2_seta-autowash.pdf Seta Autowash 230KB
Seta-FTIR.pdf Seta FTIR 1 MB
Seta_Oil_test_centrifuge.pdf Seta Oil Test Centrifuge 215 kb
Seta-Tack-Tester.pdf Seta Tack Tester 450 KB
Setaflash_flashpoint_testing_brochure.pdf Setaflash Flash Point Testers 668kb
17500-0_Penetrometer.pdf Setamatic Penetrometer 87 KB
Seta_MTVM_range.pdf Seta's Multi Test Verification Material 608 kb
Setavap_vapour_pressure_tester.pdf Setavap vapour pressure tester 358 kb
Vap3.pdf SetaVap3 Automatic Vapour Pressure Tester 944 KB
SSAFCON_sampler_aviation_fuel.pdf SSAFCON Aviation Fuel Sampler 345 KB
10000-2_Thin_Film_Apparatus.pdf Thin Film Apparatus 102 KB
SETA TOST Bath_16640-0.pdf TOST Bath 233 KB
WSI 2016.pdf Water Separation Instrument (WSI) 412 KB
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