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Spares and accessories for:
Setavap3 Automatic Vapour Pressure Analyser (80500-0)

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
81002-3 Data Printer
93700-0 Laboratory Refrigerator

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
80500-001 Inlet Sample Filter (pack of 3)
80500-002 Lubrication Oil (60ml)
80500-008 Waste bottle and tubing kit
80500-009 Glass syringe and needle
80500-011 Reservoir Seal and Lid
81002-301 Printer Paper (pack of 20)

Calibration, Verification and Training

Part Number Description
22422-6Vacuum Pump
80008-0Digital Vacuum Gauge
80501-0Setavap3 Thermometer
80510-0Vapour Pressure - Certified Reference Material, Pentane
99854-0MTVM - Motor Gasoline 500ml
99910-2Portable Digital Barometer
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