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Spares and accessories for:
H2S Analyser (SA4000-3)

Required Accessories

Part Number Description
SA4001-2 H2S Static Calibration & Verification Kit
SA4003-3 H2S Start up Kit for IP 570 (approx 20 tests)
SA4011-0 H2S Airflow Calibration & Verification Kit (IP 570)
SA4015-0 H2S Vapour Phase Processor (VPP)
SA4019-2 H2S VPP Calibration Kit

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
81002-3 Data Printer
99100-2 Analytical Balance
SA4001-003 Canister Disposal Tool
SA4002-0 H2S Personal Protector
SA4004-0 H2S Pipette
SA4005-3 H2S Consumables kit (200 tests)
SA4007-0 H2S Carry Case
SA4008-0 H2S Test Vessel Warmer
SA4010-0 H2S PC Connection Lead
SA4021-0 H2S Crude Oil Test Kit

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
81002-301 Printer Paper (Pack of 20)
SA4000-003 H2S Filters (pack of 50)
SA4000-007 H2S Syringes (pack of 200)
SA4000-009 H2S Liquid Trap (pack of 5)
SA4000-201 Calibrated Sensor for H2S Analyser
SA4000-304 Test Vessel (pack of 5)
SA4005-3 H2S Consumables kit (200 tests)
SA4013-0 H2S Diluent 5 litres
SA4017-100 H2S Vapour Phase Processor Cartridge (pack of 100)

Calibration, Verification and Training

Part Number Description
SA4032-0IP 570 PTS Quarterly Membership
SA-PTSDIP 570 PT Scheme Sample Delivery - Charge is specific to your location
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