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Spares and accessories for:
Oxi Solid Block Bath 4 Way (16670-0)

Required Accessories

Part Number Description
15452-2 Seta Auto-Oxi Control System
15455-3 Transducer, 0 to 1600 kPa
15620-2 Charging lead - Low Pressure
15802-2 Oxidation Vessel
15803-0 Vessel Bench Clamp and Holder
15805-0 Spanner
15810-0 Liner with cover (Pack of 3)

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
99100-2 Analytical Balance
99200-3 Laboratory Drying Oven
ASTMS22CX Thermometer ASTMS22C: Low Haz with Certificate of Conformity

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
15800-201 Viton O-Ring (Pack of 10)

Calibration, Verification and Training

Part Number Description
15804-0Temperature: ASTM D525 Calibration
30008-0Thermometer: Precision Plus Digital
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