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Spares and accessories for:
Seta Semi-Automatic Tag Flash Point Tester (13220-2)

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
13470-0 Thermometer: Ferrule and Adaptor (Pack of 2)
13666-0 LPG Refill Container (pack of 10)
13667-0 Portable Gas Tank
99910-2 Portable Digital Barometer
ASTMST57C Thermometer similar to ASTM57C: Low Haz with Works Certificate
ASTMST9C Thermometer similar to ASTM9C: Gallium with Works Certificate

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
13220-002 Brass Test Cup
13730-005 Silicone Rubber Tube 4 metres

Calibration, Verification and Training

Part Number Description
99880-0FLASHCHECK (pack of 3 x 80 ml)
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