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Environmentally compliant Thermometers for Petroleum Testing

SETA 'LowHaz' liquid in glass thermometers

contain an alternative non-mercury filling. Each instrument is manufactured in general conformity to ASTM E2251 specifications and contains a unique and non-hazardous fluid that has been formulated to meet traditional precision, response and dimensional requirements.

User benefits:

Liquid in glass thermometer
  • Non-hazardous
  • Same dimensions as traditional Hg thermometers
  • Easy to clean up in the event of breakage
  • Visually different from Hg (clear blue filling)
  • Classified as non-hazardous for shipment
  • Supplied with traceable works certificate
  • UKAS calibration certificates available

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SETA digital PT100 electronic precision reference thermometers

Seta high precision digital thermometers are designed to provide users with a cost effective instrument giving fast response and in general compliance with ASTM E1137 and ASTM E2877 specifications. Thermometers cover the range of -199.9 to +499.9c and are supplied with stainless steel temperature probes. Each instrument is supplied with a UKAS traceable calibration certificate in accordance with accreditation requirements of ISO 17025.

Digital thermometer

User benefits:

  • Robust and portable
  • High visibility 12mm LCD display
  • Switchable C-F
  • Supplied with UKAS calibration certificate

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With effect from 10 April 2014 new European Commission Regulation 847/2012 restricts the supply of all Thermometers containing Mercury (Hg). After this date thermometers containing mercury may only be supplied if they are 'exclusively intended to perform tests according to standards (test methods) that specify the use of mercury thermometers'. A further restriction comes into effect from 10 October 2017 after which date Stanhope-Seta will no longer supply any thermometers containing mercury.

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