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ISO 8217:2010 Marine fuel spec implements 2 ppm limit for H2S


Test method IP 570/12a

In July 2012, a new specification limit comes into force for the maximum amount of hydrogen sulfide ( H2S) allowed in marine residual and marine distillate fuels. As a result, the Energy Institute (EI) has developed a new test methodology, designated IP570/12a, to determine H2S concentration in such fuels.

The limit of 2 parts per million (ppm) for H2S in bunkers was introduced into ISO 8217:2010 to safeguard ships' crew as it may be found in marine bunker fuels, and can be released as a highly toxic gas.

The latest edition of IP 570/12a incorporates the new Vapour Phase Processor (VPP) procedure Procedure A. Seta developed the VPP accessory for use with the H2S Analyser to improve precision and accuracy of IP 570. The method compliant H2S Analyser and VPP instrument from Seta Analytics has been proven to remove any interfering chemical species previously shown to be present in a small number of fuels.

How does the Vapour Phase Processor (VPP) work?

The VPP reliably removes the components in marine fuels which cause unusual response curves, as a result it provides a more precise determination of the amount of H2S present in the fuel.

Gases emitted from the H2S Analyser test vessel are passed through a cooled filter cartridge before they are measured by the electrochemical sensor. Hydrogen Sulfide passes through the filter cartridge whereas methyl mercaptans, dimethyl sulphide and other volatile chemicals are slowed or trapped by the cartridge. This proven process ensures Hydrogen Sulfide is the sole chemical species to pass over the electrochemical sensor.

New analyser software enables the instrument to differentiate when more than one peak is present and calculate the H2S in mg/kg.

Click here to view a demo of the VPP

IP 570 continues to provide a quantum leap in ease of carrying out H2S liquid phase testing, giving the marine industry a robust specification tool for monitoring H2S in marine fuel.

The H2S Analyser and VPP provide an excellent tool for supporting product Quality Control and safety ensuring product is within approved specification. It is also ideal for both product remediation treatment of feedstock components and off-spec products with fast repeat sample measurement capability.

More Information

Uptake of the new method has been welcomed by the Industry with units being distributed worldwide. The H2S Analyser, when combined with the VPP, is now supplied compliant for IP 570/12a Procedure A.

All existing Seta H2S Analysers can be upgraded for Procedure A compliance, by either a return to factory service or locally by a Seta authorised service partners.

H2S Analyser with VPP

Click here to view a demo of the VPP

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