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EI awards Certificate of achievement to Seta


For achievements in R&D

Setaís R&D Manager, Ian Mylrea, was awarded a certificate of achievement by the UK Energy Institute (EI) in May 2012. The award recognises Ianís role as Chair of the SC G-5 H2S Task Group and the work he, and his team, have done on theH2S Analyser.

It was acknowledged by the EI how the team at Seta swiftly and effectively resolved issues the industry faced with regard to H2S measurement. In particular this involved developing the Vapour Phase Processor (VPP) which is a new accessory for use with the H2S Analyser. The VPP is proven to eliminate the effects of chemical interference to offer a more precise measurement of any H2S present. The VPP is approved for the new IP 570/12a Procedure A.

The team is now working to meet the demands of industry with regard to supply of the H2S Analyser to comply with the new ISO 8217 specification that comes into effect in July 2012. The new specification states that the maximum amount of H2S allowed in marine residual and marine distillate fuels is 2 mg/kg (2ppm).

Click here to view a demonstration video of the H2S Analyser with VPP

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