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ASTM D7621 Crude Oil Appendix X1 Online

Changes to the measurement of H2S in Crude
In a move towards standardising a method for the measurement of H2S in Crudes Stanhope-Seta, with support from the Industry, undertook a study to show that IP 570/ASTM D7621 can be modified to measure the concentration of H2S in stabilised crude oil.

As a result of the study a Crude Oil Appendix to ASTM D7621 is now available online.
View the Crude Oil Appendix online

Why measure H2S?
Managing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a challenge at every stage of hydrocarbon production, refining and transportation. Hydrogen sulfide is highly toxic, reduces product value, compromises environmental and safety compliance, corrodes infrastructure, produces noxious odours and has other detrimental effects. Crude oil considered to contain high levels of H2S may be refused by the operator and devalued by the customer.

A considerable amount of gas may be dissolved in the wellhead crude oil which must be stabilised and/or removed to meet pipeline, storage and tankerage safety requirements. Efficient treatment requires a fast and robust means of determining H2S levels in the liquid phase to minimise the amount of additive required for cost effective remediation.

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