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New Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester

Following careful study of user requirements and several years of development, Stanhope-Seta announce the launch of Seta PM-93; the most advanced Automatic Pensky Martens Flashpoint Tester.

Incorporating ‘3-step to test’ easy to use touch screen commands, a unique ‘Safeflash’ safety system and fully LIMS compatible software, the new instrument offers fast testing of samples in exact conformity to ASTM D93, IP 34 and ISO 2719 flash point test methods.

Test Applications
PM-93 has a small footprint and is extremely rugged making it ideal both for fixed and portable testing requirements. Suitable for testing a wide range of sample materials including refined fuels, crude oil, FAME, lubricants, liquid waste and many more.

Rapid test analysis
PM-93 provides rapid sample testing using integral peltier heating and forced air sample cooling systems.

Sample management
Sample handling is straightforward, the required volume is placed in the test cup and the upper test assembly, which houses all the ignition, stirring and detector modules is lowered into position. No need to fit any test accessories, everything is self contained in the unit.

Touch screen operation
Operation is via an intuitive menu structure, the operator simply touches the screen prompt to select the required test mode and presses ‘start’. The result is reported and recorded automatically and the instrument then returns to ‘test ready’ mode allowing the next sample to be tested.

Unique patented ‘Safeflash’ safety system
Design of Seta PM-93 takes careful account of the strict safety needs of today’s laboratory. The instrument contains a unique ‘SafeFlash’ system which automatically and immediately activates an extinguisher in the event of excess flame or fire around the test cup.

If discharged the screen prompts the user to re-activate the extinguisher by simply replacing the integral CO2 canister. Canisters remain sealed inside the instrument until pierced by the actuator mechanism.

PM-93 has undergone extensive field trials using a wide range of test samples to ensure that the new design provides unsurpassed precision and reliability. A ‘calibration’ mode quickly allows verification of instrument performance (a suitable range of traceable verification and calibration materials are available from Seta).

Data management
Test status and results are graphically displayed whilst the internal memory holds in excess of 2000 results. Primary instrument settings and operations are password protected. A USB port allows results and other stored data to be saved to portable memory devices. Data format is compatible with most PC spreadsheets.

Direct LIMS Communication
PM-93 can be connected directly to LIMS using a standard Ethernet cable, no special software or other interface items are required.

Minimum Maintenance
PM-93 cleaning & maintenance procedures are uncomplicated and reduced to an absolute minimum.

For further information visit www.stanhope-seta.co.uk/pm-93-flashpoint.html

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