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Seta IP 570 Proficiency Testing Scheme


Quality Assurance tool for labs

IP 570 Proficiency Testing Scheme (PTS)

The IP 570 PTS is a statistical quality assurance programme that enables laboratories to evaluate their performance for testing for liquid phase H2S using Seta's H2S Anaylser. Participants in the scheme can continually monitor and compare performance by analysing their data against similar laboratories in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025.

What is the advantage of the IP 570 Proficiency Testing Scheme (PTS)

  • Evaluate and monitor laboratory and instrument performance
  • Provide additional confidence by demonstrating compliance with laboratory accreditation requirements
  • Identify inter-laboratory differences by the comparison of test results and calculated statistical parameters with other laboratories worldwide
  • Identify problems such as inadequate test or measurement processes and procedures
  • Identify problems with the calibration of laboratory test equipment

How does the IP 570 PTS work?

The scheme is web based and is available for either a quarterly, 3 month or 12 month contract. Members are provided with a test pack containing Test Fluid & Activator Solution, instruction sheet, syringes and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Upon completion of the test participants enter their results data onto the web. After all data has been submitted and analysed a summary report will be issued.

For more information about the IP 570 PTS;

Click here to download a brochure
Click here to download the FAQ document

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