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Seta announce new collaboration

Seta is pleased to announce a new collaboration with ASG Analytik-Service GmbH for Cetane Number Analysis

ASG has designed, developed and patented an Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyser (AFIDA) using constant volume combustion technology (CVCC) to measure the Cetane Number of diesel and related fuels.

This exciting and unique third generation CVCC technology has been carefully developed to align with future specification requirements and offers class leading features which include:

  • Calibration using primary reference fuel (PRF) blends
  • 20 place auto sampler
  • Small sample size, 40ml per test, including cleaning
  • Advanced electronically controlled high pressure fuel injection system
  • Fast analysis time, 20 minutes per sample
  • IP method under development

Stanhope-Seta will exclusively manufacture, distribute and provide service for the AFIDA on a global basis, as well as support for the international standardisation process.

For further information visit the AFIDA web page

AFIDA: The Future of Cetane Analysis

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