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NEWS: Seta Oil Test Centrifuge


Now even more competitive...

A purpose made Oil Test Centrifuge - Many centrifuges offered for oil testing are adapted from standard laboratory instruments and may not conform to test specifications or user requirements.

Large dimension heated bowl - the rotor bowl allows test tubes required for these methods to return to the near upright position following rotation. This has proved very important in preventing ERRONEOUS WATER/SEDIMENTATION RESULTS and is now specified in the test methods - the bowl size in many other centrifuges is too small to allow the tube to return to the upright position.

Precise heating of the chamber - isothermal heaters fitted internally to the centrifuge chamber provide precise temperature control to within +/-1°C as required under the test methods. Externally fitted heaters, which are incorporated in some other makes of heated centrifuge, create poor heat transfer characteristics meaning that chamber temperature is difficult to control or unevenly heated with the potential for ERRONEOUS RESULTS.

Membrane control panel – unlike the rotary switches which are used in many other centrifuge models and which are known to fail due to ingress of oil samples, 90000-3 uses a liquid proof ‘touch panel’.

Fully opening lid - For easy loading/unloading of tubes and access for cleaning the Centrifuge has a hinged lid that opens to the fully upright position.

Designed for Safety - The Seta Oil Test Centrifuge is designed to fully comply with BS4402, DIN 58970 and EN6101-2-020 safety requirements. The use of a centrifuge in conjunction with volatile samples at elevated temperature can result in the production of vapours which may be hazardous (flammable and/or toxic). The Seta Oil Test Centrifuge has the option to be fitted with the unique 'Setafuge' Hazard Reduction System providing additional safety against vapour hazards.

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