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Particle Counters - industry applications

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Air Clean Room Environment
Fuels Hydraulic Fluids Lubricants
Manufactured Parts Pharmaceuticals Power Generation Equipment

Rapid particle count of fuels, lubricants, liquid and air samples


Particle counters are used to determine the 'quality' of a sample. The size, number and distribution of particles help to determine the cleanliness or suitability of the sample for the intended application.

Routinely monitoring particles can save both time and money by reducing equipment downtime. Hard particles that become embedded into the surfaces of moving parts can cause abnormal machinery wear.

Particle counting is also used to assess fuel cleanliness, where the problems caused by particles are blockage, wear and erosion in fuel systems.

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The following links explain what particle counting is, provide information about test methods, specifications and applications, and offer guidance about selecting the best AvCount particle counter for your sample.

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