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Setaflash Series 3 Flash Point Tester

Part Number 30000-2

Setaflash Series 3 closed cup flash point tester provides fast and reliable flash point results and requires you to have minimum expertise.

Setaflash Series 3 has a very simple user interface with colour digital display and touchscreen icons which guide you through a straightforward testing process. For easy record keeping the instrument stores 100,000 test results which can be saved and transferred via a USB port.

The versatile range of Setaflash instruments is ideal for use in the laboratory, production line or for portable test applications.

Series 3 in the cosmetics industry
See Komatsu use the Series 3

Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Setaflash Closed Cup Flashpoint Tester ASTM IP


Ambient to 300 C
Flash point test in less than 2 minutes
Small sample size - 2 or 4 ml
Automatic flash detection
Automatic barometric correction
USB Port and result storage
Colour touch screen
Portable operation
Simple calibration


ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, BS EN ISO 3679, BS 2000-523, IP 523, IP 524, ISO 3680 (Obs)


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

Chemicals & Solvents

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Transportation, Storage & Packaging

Paint, Varnish & Waxes


Printing Inks

Waste & Environmental



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