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H2S Analyser

Part Number SA4000-3

The H2S Analyser and Vapour Phase Processor (SA4015-0) are compact bench-top instruments, used to measure the total hydrogen sulphide (H2S) content of fuel oils, such as marine residual fuels, distillates and petroleum blend stocks. The H2S Analyser can measure H2S concentrations from 0 to 250 mg/kg (ppm) in the liquid phase.

H2S is efficiently purged from the test sample by a combination of heat and agitation, and is measured by a proprietary advanced gas specific detector. The instrument offers a cost effective solution for H2S measurement no costly or hazardous chemicals are required and there is no need for analytical preparation by an experienced chemist.

H2S Analyser  IP 570 ASTM D7621


Measurement range from 0-250 mg/kg H2S (0-250 ppm H2S) in the liquid phase
Vapour Phase Processor proven to eliminate effects of chemical interference
A non chemical method, no wet chemistry involved
Small lab bench footprint, fully portable operation
Suitable for monitoring residual marine fuel blends, Crude Oil, refinery feedstock components, cargoes & products in the distribution system
Critical Measurement method for Product Safety and Release


ASTM D7621, IP 570, ISO 8217


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

Crude Oil

Chemicals & Solvents



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