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PM-93 Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester

Part Number 35000-0

The Seta PM-93 is a fully automated Pensky-Martens closed cup flash point tester which combines strict method conformance with the latest control technology and safety systems to provide the ultimate level of fast, accurate and safe analysis.

You can determine flash points up to 400 C using either standard mode for where the flash point is known or search mode for when it is not. Once complete, the PM-93 graphically displays results on the LCD screen. You can save results to the internal memory, email the results, export results to a USB, or transfer results via QR code.

SQC software analyses results, calculates mean, standard deviation, standard error and repeatability and plots results in accordance with ASTM D6299.
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Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester


Easy operation with touch screen
Automatic flash point determination
Gas or electric ignition
Patented 'SafeFlash' auto fire extinguisher
Large capacity memory for storage of 30 test profiles, operator names and test methods
Real time display of test progress and storage for 2000 results
LIMS connectivity, results can be emailed, saved to USB or transferred via QR code
Statistical Quality Control (SQC) software to analyse results to conform to ASTM D6299


ASTM D93, BS EN ISO 2719 & BS 2000-34, IP 34


Petroleum - Fuels & Oils

Crude Oil


Bitumen & Asphalt

Chemicals & Solvents

Cosmetics & Fragrances

Edible oils & Fats


Transportation, Storage & Packaging

Paint, Varnish & Waxes


Printing Inks

Waste & Environmental



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