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Seta Oxi-Cor Bath

Part Number 15550-3

The Seta Oxi-Cor bath is a stainless steel water or oil bath with a temperature range of ambient +5C to 150C, temperature controlled to 0.1C by a top mounted thermostir circulator with integral over-temperature and low fluid level protection devices.

The bath has four test stations. Each test station has a lid with a hook you suspend either a copper corrosion test vessel (11500-0) or a test tube support (11420-0). A test tube support can hold up to three test tubes (11590-0). You can use any combination of copper corrosion vessels and test tube supports.

NOTE: For oxidation tests, test methods specify a certain bath volume per pressure vessel. In order to comply with this requirement, you can only use two oxidation pressure vessels in the bath at the same time.

Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Oxi-Cor Bath


4 test stations (3 when used for Oxidation tests)
Optional AUTO-OXI Automatic Pressure Monitoring System (see 15452-0)


ASTM D130, ASTM D4048, ASTM D4814, ASTM D525, ASTM D5304, ASTM D7667, ASTM D7671, ASTM D873, BS 2000-112, IP 112, BS 2000-138, IP 138, BS EN ISO 2160, BS 2000-154, ISO 2160, BS EN ISO 7536, BS 2000-40, ISO 7536, DIN EN ISO 2160, DIN EN ISO 7536, IP 154, IP 227 (obs), IP 40, IP 611

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