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Oxi Solid Block Bath 4 Way

Part Number 16670-0

The Seta Oxi Solid Block Bath is an aluminium block bath with digital temperature control that has been designed to accept up to four oxidation vessels for carrying out tests equivalent to the IP 40 test method. Seta Oxidation Vessels (15802-2) are recommended for use with the Seta Oxi Block Baths.

Pressure in the vessel can be monitored automatically with the Seta Auto-Oxi Control System (15452-2).

Oxi Solid Block Bath


4 position
Dry block
Over temperature cut out
Small footprint


ASTM D525, ASTM D873, BS 2000-138 & IP 138, BS EN ISO 7536 & BS 2000-40 & ISO 7536, IP 40

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