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Setaflash Series 8 ActiveCool Flash Point Tester

Part Number 82100-0

The Setaflash Series 8 'ActiveCool' is an automated closed cup flash point tester with a temperature range of -20C to 130C (-4F to 266F).

There are two modes of operation:
- Flash
- No Flash and Ramp.

The ramp mode increases the sample temperature at a rate of 2C/min and automatically dips the ignitor every 1C up to 100C (every 2C above 100C), until either a flash is detected or the end of test temperature is reached.

This instrument operates with electric ignition.

Temperature range (Air cooled)
10C to 130C (50 to 266F)

Temperature range (Water cooled)
-20C to 130C (-4 to 266F)

Flash point testing at low temperature
For tests with a starting temperature of 10C (50F) or lower, the Series 8 Active Cool must be connected to a chilled water supply that is maintained at 5C with a flow of at least 0.6l/min.
Stanhope-Seta Mini Low Temperature Bath/Circulator 99300-4 is an approved chiller for this application.

Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available
Setaflash Flash point tester ASTM/IP


-20C to 130C (-4F to 266F)
Small sample size, 2 or 4ml
Flash/No Flash & Ramp modes
Electric ignitor
Automatic dipping and flash detection
ActiveCool electronic Peltier cooling
64 Test memory & RS232 interface
C or F temperature display


ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, BS EN ISO 3679, BS 2000-523, IP 523, IP 524, IP 534


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