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Wick Extraction Apparatus

Part Number 10425-0

Wick Extraction Apparatus, suitable for use in accordance with ASTM D1322 IP 57 test procedures. Comprises 60 ml Soxhlet Extractor, Condenser, 500ml glass flask, Flask Heater, Stand and Clamp.

NOTE: An explosion protected oven is required for drying the wicks at 100C, this is not currently available from Stanhope-Seta. A dessicator is required for storing the wicks prior to use (part number 99205-0 is suitable).

Wick Extraction Apparatus ASTM D1322, IP 57


A Soxhlet apparatus suitable for extracting the Wicks prior to use
Comprises 60ml Soxhlet Extractor, Condenser, 500ml Glass Flask, Flask Heater, Stand and Clamp


ASTM D1322, BIS IS 1448 Part 31, IP 57

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